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The BMW 7 Series is a distinctive and effortlessly stylish luxury car, making it an excellent choice for premium business travel. A side view reveals an elegant silhouette that’s enhanced by a bold and precise array of design detail, hallmarks of BMW’s engineering expertise. The spacious leather interior is made all the more luxurious by a range of features that set the BMW 7 Series apart, including a foot rest and ample leg room, massage-capable back seats, ambient lighting enhanced by natural light coming through the sun roof, and a multifunctional entertainment system.

Every aspect of the BMW 7 Series has been carefully designed for an exceptional passenger experience, so it’s no wonder that it won the 2016 World Luxury Car of the Year award. It utilises innovative BMW engine technology to minimise engine noise and ensure a smooth drive, while the car’s dynamic responsiveness and its Carbon Core construction guarantee that you will enjoy the sensation of travelling in this powerful and authoritative vehicle. With this harmonious balance of comfort and prestige, you can anticipate a journey of unrivalled quality.

Enhance your luxury travel experience in the world-class, award-winning BMW 7 Series

With the BMW 7 Series, every element of your journey is guaranteed to exceed expectations, making it an ideal business or VIP transport option for up to three passengers. A chauffeur-driven BMW 7 Series is an incomparable luxury car hire choice, whatever the event, from travelling to the airport in style to making an enviable entrance at a movie premiere – or your wedding! Indulge your senses as you enjoy a VIP experience on every journey, whether your aim is business or pleasure.

Our experienced chauffeurs understand the potential of the BMW 7 Series for enhancing your travel experience, and they will ensure that your journey is optimised in every way to maximise your comfort. They also have an intricate knowledge of the London road network and will follow a well-planned and timely route to your destination – and, should an unexpected change of plans occur, they will demonstrate the calm and flexible approach to problem solving that we prize in all our drivers. At Airport Plus, exceptional quality is integral to every aspect of our service.

Airport Plus offers excellent car hire rates for chauffeur-driven luxury transport in the BMW 7 Series. Contact us today to find out how we can help with your luxury car hire and airport transfer needs. We also offer a corporate travel account service if you require ongoing professional travel support – please just ask one of our friendly team if you’d like to find out more.

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